Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Inglot Freedom 10 Pan Palette Review.

I liked the Inglot store.
I like the set up of it, very streamlined and very easy to see everything. It was clean and well maintained, with a tester for every colour of every item. It is similar to MAC, as many have commented but I prefer it. Everything is spaced out and easy to touch and test.
There were 3 staff there when I went on a Friday teatime - unusually, two were male.
At the front of the store is a large island style unit displaying the freedom palette system and all the pans available. Pans are available in different shapes and sizes, although I think even though they are the same price. You can also have a mix of lips and eyes, although I wouldn't personally, it creeps me out to mix them. You can also get mix palettes with blush and brow pans. Nifty huh?
Prices very from something like £10 to £40. 10 pan palettes of eyeshadow/lipsticks are £35.

There are magnet boards on which you choose your pans from the samples and the SA takes it away and fills it for you. Ours also allowed us to arrange it ourselves, which wasn't important as you can rearrange them (they are like a MAC palette but a really tight fit, I use a nail file to get them out) as you please. The palettes are nifty, heavy and feel of good quality. You can also stack them, by taking the lids off and the magnets will lock them together.

The colours don't have names, just names and finishes. I spoke to Nea of Fashioned in Finland, who has reviewed a substantial amount of Inglot's products and she advised me on finishes beforehand. I like Veluxe Pearl textures, smooth, a little metallicy and buttery feeling and AMC Shine and Pearl finishes in Inglot are the closest to that.
I chose:

35 - AMC Shine - A metallic white with a hint of sparkle
393 - Pearl - A metallic peach
444 - Pearl - A blue-green grey
420 - Pearl - A metallic pale purple grey
10 - AMC Shine - A light orange with a glitter finish
449 - Pearl - A metallic red-pink
439 - Pearl - A metallic purple
429 - Pearl - A lavender blue
33 - AMC Shine - A turquoise with a glitter finish
41 - AMC Shine - A light lemon chartruse


I like the pay off from these on the lid, bit I find when blending, the colour can get lost, but using a base over a primer (TFSI with MUFE Aqua Cream or a Paintpot) usually solves that.

Price wise, they are excellent value for money. It works out at £3.50 per eyeshadow, with the ones I got, the almost square rectangles, for 2.7g of shadow. SCORE!

When I return to London in August, I will most definitely get another one of these bad boys!

I was going to blog about the rest of my Inglot purchases but have just realised how long this post already is!

So until next time, Gooooooodnight!



  1. I have eyeshadow envy. Although I have hundreds of them already. Sigh.

  2. I've been curious about this brand for a while now, and this just increases my curiosity! Of course, it doesn't much matter since the only store in my entire country is 8 hours away, and you can't shop on line :( One day...

    My question for you (for future reference, I suppose!)is how do the magnetized lids stay on? They look great, and the whole stackability idea seems super, but my worry is that they could be awfully easy to knock off if they shifted in my case.

  3. Inglot are worth it Mariella, especially if they get round to sorting an online store.

    Jess - yeah, the brand is totally an enigma. If this was a shoddy online store I would NEVER touch it, but the store is great. I really hope they take off.

    The lids are magnetic - there are four built in magnets in each corner of the palette. I think the theory is that you can "swing" it open - much like the UD Sustainable palette if you have seen it, but the magnets are strong, so it is difficult to slide it smoothly, I just pull it off. You stack by taking the bottom palettes lid off, and adding the top one.

    I find them strong - I have used mine loose in my overnight bag and nothing went wrong!

    Chloe x

  4. Nice palette! I REALLY love Inglot, as you already know. LOL

    Nea/ Fashioned in Finland