Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Inglot Freedom 10 Pan Palette Review.

I liked the Inglot store.
I like the set up of it, very streamlined and very easy to see everything. It was clean and well maintained, with a tester for every colour of every item. It is similar to MAC, as many have commented but I prefer it. Everything is spaced out and easy to touch and test.
There were 3 staff there when I went on a Friday teatime - unusually, two were male.
At the front of the store is a large island style unit displaying the freedom palette system and all the pans available. Pans are available in different shapes and sizes, although I think even though they are the same price. You can also have a mix of lips and eyes, although I wouldn't personally, it creeps me out to mix them. You can also get mix palettes with blush and brow pans. Nifty huh?
Prices very from something like £10 to £40. 10 pan palettes of eyeshadow/lipsticks are £35.

There are magnet boards on which you choose your pans from the samples and the SA takes it away and fills it for you. Ours also allowed us to arrange it ourselves, which wasn't important as you can rearrange them (they are like a MAC palette but a really tight fit, I use a nail file to get them out) as you please. The palettes are nifty, heavy and feel of good quality. You can also stack them, by taking the lids off and the magnets will lock them together.

The colours don't have names, just names and finishes. I spoke to Nea of Fashioned in Finland, who has reviewed a substantial amount of Inglot's products and she advised me on finishes beforehand. I like Veluxe Pearl textures, smooth, a little metallicy and buttery feeling and AMC Shine and Pearl finishes in Inglot are the closest to that.
I chose:

35 - AMC Shine - A metallic white with a hint of sparkle
393 - Pearl - A metallic peach
444 - Pearl - A blue-green grey
420 - Pearl - A metallic pale purple grey
10 - AMC Shine - A light orange with a glitter finish
449 - Pearl - A metallic red-pink
439 - Pearl - A metallic purple
429 - Pearl - A lavender blue
33 - AMC Shine - A turquoise with a glitter finish
41 - AMC Shine - A light lemon chartruse


I like the pay off from these on the lid, bit I find when blending, the colour can get lost, but using a base over a primer (TFSI with MUFE Aqua Cream or a Paintpot) usually solves that.

Price wise, they are excellent value for money. It works out at £3.50 per eyeshadow, with the ones I got, the almost square rectangles, for 2.7g of shadow. SCORE!

When I return to London in August, I will most definitely get another one of these bad boys!

I was going to blog about the rest of my Inglot purchases but have just realised how long this post already is!

So until next time, Gooooooodnight!


Aromaleigh is closing.

Aromaleigh, one of the front runners in indie cosmetics, is shutting down it's online store after 12 years.

What a disappointment and an absolutely terrible way to go. I have never purchased from Aromaleigh, nor have I ever had any real intention too. I have never spoken to Kristen or her team, so in all honesty, I can make very little comment in public.

I have viewed the recent goings on with much dismay. Neither 'side' has acted perfectly, from what I can see. No one is blameless.

Dressing up bullying, persecution and vindictiveness as so-called concern is absolutely vile. I honestly believe there is truth to both sides of the tale, but any attempt at acting with decency has now been ruined. Name calling completely discredits any other motive.

I'm sure there is much more going on in Kristen's personal life than we know, and I wish her, her son and her employees all the best for the future. Hopefully Kristen will return when she is able to and continue making the cosmetics that are held in such high regard in this community.

Aromaleigh is selling all stock with a 35% discount with the code 'ADIEU35'.

No one wins.


Tuesday, 29 June 2010

I'm not dead, just floating...

Can you tell I went to see Pink in concert last week? Haha. I'll put pictures up when my sister uploads some to FaceyB. She was amazing.

So, hi, just coming in to dust of the old blog. Sorry for the lack of updates. I'd give you an excuse, but I have none. I'm a lazy blogger. I don't often get on the PC and read blogs from my phone, but blogging there is nigh on impossible. Although, I spoke to Rachel from on Twitter today, and she mentioned being able to email blog updates, which I shall look into. I need a laptop, I know, I know.

So last weekend, Laura (of, my long time BFF and never-to-be-backup) and I went to London. IT WAS AMAZING. it was bloody roasting everywhere and I walked so fast I thought Laura was going to throw her case at me. She still has a swollen foot. Call her Pegleg, it'll make me do the lolz.

This trip was exclusively for make-up shopping, whoohoo! We went a bit nutso, even though I did not save as much as I would've liked.

We went to Parson's Green to visit GuruMakeupEmporium. It was amazing. It took us a little while to find it, and we were so hot and sweaty I thought the owners might chuck us out hahah. I was a little nervous about going there actually, as it's a store that aimed at professionals and it's difficult for me to put eyeshadow in my eye without getting it into my ears.

But they were lovely! I wish we got their names! They were helpful but not overbearing, and seemed totally used to non-trade customers who come far and wide with their lists for MUFE.

Make Up Forever is expensive. Gotta be honest, much more than I thought. £21.50 for a HD blush, say what? But, what I did buy, is worth every penny. I didn't really bother looking at the foundations and things, mainly as I didn't not want to get attached to things that were so expensive and so hard to come by when I need to use them everyday. I swached the HD foundation though, and I liked it. Laura says she was disappointed with the Aqua Eyes pencils, but I didn't really touch them, as for the most part, I don't wear makeup on my lower lids/waterline. (I'll explain another time.) I was desperate to try the Aqua Cream shadows and wasn't disappointed, I picked out two.

I didn't swatch much of the eyeshadows, they seemed good quality for the most part, but I have dupes for almost everyone, especially at that price. I was interested in the infamous #92, but it is exceptionally close to Sugarpill's Poison Plum, whihc I own two of, so I resisted.

I LOVED the HD blushes. When I swatched, I pumped out a whole pumps worth. It would've covered my face TWICE. So freaking pigmented. I loved them all, but they are so expensive and I haven't got much experience with cream blushes, so I just got one, to see how it goes. I now know I will definitely get more when the store gets online.

There was so much, but this post is going to be epically long as it is and I don;t want you to fall asleep already. I'll probably review the products at some point and can go in further detail.


We also went to Westfield shopping centre, which was so big we couldn't find anything. Although it lacked a Primark, what the hell is up with that?

We couldn't find the Make Up Store shop, but we did find Inglot. It's going to be in my next blog post, so I shall explain later. Although, of the three staff, two were dudes, which is unuusal, although one did give Laura the stinkeye. I shoulda taken out his eyes with a pair of tweezers, the git. I got a few bits, a cream blush, lip paint, gloss and a 10 pan freedom palette.

We went to the MAC there, it had velvet ropes! I assume it was because it was quite busy and they kept a lot of their stock out, so to prevent theft etc. I got the new Opulash. I always said I wouldn't bother with highend mascaras, but drug store (Is there a British word for drug store? it freaks me out.) mascara is becoming increasingly expensive, I only ended up spending a pound or two more. In fact, are most of Max Factor's mascaras within pennies of price difference with MAC? The staff all had green cut creases too, maybe for To the Beach? I dunno, some of their make up was not all that good, from my point of view. They also had To the Beach t-shirts on. Didn't this collection come out over 6 weeks ago? Meh, most of it, and Pret a Papier, was sold out. I had to continue the hunt for Tissueweight!

Westfield, to sum up, was also immense.

We went to MAC PRO! Amaze. This was the second time. the first though, my interest in makeup was fledgling, and I only ended up buying two blushes in a palette. This time, I got Peackykeen pan, Soft and Gentle MSF and Tissueweight, which was in stock! Wheee. The Pro store was lovely, but they had a habit of not putting Sold out stickers on sold out items. Laura could only get 1/3 items.

I got the MSF because I love the crap outta my By Candlelight and I have this nightmare I won't get the back up before Into the Groove sells out. It's lovely, but not as nice as By Candlelight.

We went to the Make Up Store, which was round the corner, but neither of us were impressed, they were way expensive for the quality. Jangsara uses a lot of their products but I thought they were a let down. It was quiet there too.

We took a trip to SpaceNK, to check out Lime Crime, because I'm not a fan of the brand but I can hardly judged if I haven't swatched at the very least, can I? I wasn't overly impressed. They were lovely colours, but they were thick and drying, alos staining. The blue and the red wouldn't come off :( Even with MAC wipes.

We also went to Covent Garden, where I visited another MAC, and I splurged the last of my mega bucks on Boy Bait cremesheen glass and a 168.

We also went to a couple of other places, but I won't bore you!

Oooh, I also FINALLY managed to get a copy of Glamour! I got the Bad Gal eyeliner. Caught it at the departures lounge of the bus station.


Hopefully I shall blog before the end of the week, but last time I said this it took more than 7 months!

Much loves xxx