Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Aromaleigh is closing.

Aromaleigh, one of the front runners in indie cosmetics, is shutting down it's online store after 12 years.

What a disappointment and an absolutely terrible way to go. I have never purchased from Aromaleigh, nor have I ever had any real intention too. I have never spoken to Kristen or her team, so in all honesty, I can make very little comment in public.

I have viewed the recent goings on with much dismay. Neither 'side' has acted perfectly, from what I can see. No one is blameless.

Dressing up bullying, persecution and vindictiveness as so-called concern is absolutely vile. I honestly believe there is truth to both sides of the tale, but any attempt at acting with decency has now been ruined. Name calling completely discredits any other motive.

I'm sure there is much more going on in Kristen's personal life than we know, and I wish her, her son and her employees all the best for the future. Hopefully Kristen will return when she is able to and continue making the cosmetics that are held in such high regard in this community.

Aromaleigh is selling all stock with a 35% discount with the code 'ADIEU35'.

No one wins.


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  1. So true: No one wins. I don't even want to know what happened (I was on holiday when this happened). I'm just so sad, because Aromaleigh is/was one of the best (if not the best) Mineral makeup companies. The quality is excellent and the collections have always been just amazing. I hope Kristen will continue her work later!

    Nea/ Fashioned in Finland