Monday, 9 August 2010

July's Rants and Raves

Hi guys, this is a bit late, sorry!


1) Z Palettes. I bought two in July and I love them! So versatile and I am really making use of stuff that just got left in the drawer previously. I am now on a proper depotting kick, having depotted my Urban Decay Deluxe palette, Too Faced Insurance Policy palette and several Urban Decay singles, Sue Moxley quads and random bits. I'm now really tempted to depot both my Book Of Shadows, but they are so pretty. :(

2) Red hair. As some of you may know, I am a hairdresser, so frequently changing my hair colour is part of my job. I've been a bit "meh" about my hair recently, I am growing it out - its was a bit of a mowhawk previously, a grade 2 in places, so it's taking forever and is really tricky to style. I've been loads of colour this year to help combat the boredom with it, from blue, platinum blonde, orange and red, then every colour in between! But I am loving my red hair at the moment! Not loving the red tidemark round the bath though!

3) Dare to Wear lipglass. I ordered two last week, So Bad and Bold and Brash. They are beautiful. Really glittery and pigmented. The only problem is that they tend to pull in strands when I pull my lips apart, but it's probably due to my crappy application. I'm still going to get other though, if they are still available when I go to London next week.


1) MAC and their bazillion collections. Seriously MAC, what the hell? It really pisses me off that so many are produced and, specifically in the UK, when they are released at the same time. Fro example, Dare to Wear, Digi Pops and Alice + Olivia all came out together, as did In the Groove and Superglass. It drives me bonkers. Also, such HUGE collections. I read a blog regarding the upcoming Fabulous Felines collection saying that there were something like 55 new products? Are MAC bloody insane? Along with something like a dozen repromotes and some permanent products. That is truly ridiculous. Why don't MAC produce maybe 4 collections of this size a year? Split them into parts like they are with FF and release separately if they must?

2) Whilst we are on the subject of MAC, price gouging is doing my nut at the moment too. MAC release products like, Marine Life, Ripe Peach and Stereo Rose in limited quantities and cause huge buying frenzies and price gouging on makeup forums and eBay. I don't really understand why either. It's not like it goes into MAC's pockets. I don't think it's fair that to get a product that you need to get up at the crack of dawn on release day, frantically refreshing the MAC homepage like an idiot.

3) Eyebrows. I love my eyebrows when they are shaped. I have a strong arch and I think they are the best part of my face. I hate that I turn into a caveman if I don't pluck for two days. For realz.