Friday, 2 July 2010

June's Raves and Rants

These fly around a lot in the beauty blog world, so I thought I would be completely unoriginal and add my own! Hopefully one should pop up at the beginning of every month.


1) MAC Mineralize Skin Finishes. They aren't a new invention, but dear god, I love them. I own three, Glissade, By Candlelight and Soft and Gentle. I also have two on the way, Petticoat and Stereo Rose. These add so much dimension to the face. By Candlelight I use almost daily for a pretty, soft glow, whilst Glissade is the nearest I've ever come to bronzing! The perfect accompaniment to a summery look. I wish MAC had a bigger range in their permanent collection.

2) China Glaze's Wizard of Oz Polish Collection. They aren't new, not even close. But how I love them so. I originally bought Ruby Pumps and Good Witch but in my local Sally's they had them on sale for £2! I picked up the rest, needless to say! I love glitter and these polishes do it so well! For those who prefer a slightly more subtle glitter effect, I say for Good Witch or the Ten Man.

3) Boots Own Cleansing wipes. These are always on offer in Boots, as a Buy One, Get One and so this month I probably picked up at least 4! They are so moist and get every last scrap of make up off and are excellent for spot cleaning brushes. They also come in two types, scent free or cucumber.


1) Not having enough space. I absolutely hate the fact I can't fit a vanity in my bedroom. I have a low window and putting one in would mean blocking half the light out, but I am seriously considering it. I also put most of my collection in Sterilite drawers which is so out of keeping with my decor. Hopefully when I redecorate towards the end of the year, I will find something.

2) Drama. The makeup community has become plagued with negativity the last few months and I hate it! Makeup is supposed to be fun, not something to use to hate on people. Just let it go.

3) Flakies Nail Polish. I love my Gosh Rainbow polish, I do. But it is an absolute bastard to remove. It takes an age and half a bottle of remover to take it off and even then the remnants remain several manicures later. Pffft, I give up!

Until next time folks,

Chloe x


  1. For your #2 drama: I mean, I'm not surprised... put a bunch of women together, and that's what you get! It's sad really.
    For #3 rant: I'm surprised you have trouble taking it off... I used it non-stop for about a month and I didn't have issues. Maybe it's your top coat?

  2. I use Seche Vite. I;ve not bothered with base coat before, but I might try that next time. it's really strange, I must say!

    Thanks for your comments!

  3. totally on it with your rants- every single one! I live in a 3 bedroom house, and I never imagined it could be so small! As for the other 2, yes & yes.

  4. Haha,I live at home too, so I can't have anything overspill my room. My room isn't actually the smallest in the house, but it's awkwardly shaped - there's only one wall that's flat across, irritating!