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Review: Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Liquid Liner

Hey guys, I'm gonna kick off with a review. Keeping in theme with my blog title, there's plenty of glitter! Collection 2000 began releasing these liners around 3 years ago and have released them in batches of 3 every few months since. I think they are about due for another!

I LOVE these glitter liners. I don't use them nearly as much as I should, simply, because like most of you reading this, I have so much crap to get through. I'm trying to get round everything and not get stuck using the same thing. I would easily put them up on the same pedestal as Urban Decay's Heavy Metal liners and Too Faced's Starry Eyed liners. They retail at around £2.93 and are so easily available in the UK! You can get them at Tesco's, Boots, Superdrug and ASDA! Nothing like picking up an eyeliner with the bleach and coffee! Usually you can get these on offer aswell.

You get 6ml of product for your money, not bad considering Urban Decay offer 7ml for £12.00 and they come in a dazzling 12 shades! I am only slightly ashamed to say, that I own all 12.

In order of release, the shades available are:

1. Glitz: A fine silver sparkle with a clear base. The most dupable shade. I have NYX's silver liner and it's one and the same. Packed with colour. I've had this one for the longest, going on three years and it has recently began to separate. However, a quick shake and all is well. Applies fine.

2. Pizzazz: A fine true, deep green sparkle with a clear base. This shade is packed with glitter, one stroke and you can't see whatever was underneath. This is my favourite of the bunch and the only one I have had to repurchase. Also had this one going on three years, but no separation at all.

3. Funk: A pale gold glitter with a secondary tone of bronze. Another one packed with glitter, whics really finely milled, so it's not scratchy at all. A good one for subtle looks.

4. Hustle: A greyish-blue and silver sparkle, fairly finely milled, with a grey-blue base. It's similar to Urban Decay's Spandex Heavy Metal liner, only more silvery.

5. Le Freak: A turquoise blue base, with turquoise and pale green sparkle. This is quite thick I have found, it's a bit more difficult to apply on the skin, because it wants to stay on the brush! But it's a lovely, unusual colour.

6. Night Fever: A deep, royal blue colour, with almost a violet-pink reflect to it. It's base is blueish too but the sparkle is sparser than the earlier shades.

7. Rock Chick: A black-grey base, with fine black glitter and slightly chunkier silver glitter. The glitters sometimes separate a little. A close duplicate would be Too Faced's Starry Eyed liner in Ooh & Aah.

8. Dancing Queen: A hot pink shade glitter, with a clear base. Has a slightly chunkier texture than most. Also has a slight irridescent reflect.

9. Retro Chic: This is like, a complete flip of Funk. A bright bronze glitter with a secondary tone of pale gold. Packed with glitter. Reminds me of Halloween and pumpkins!

10. Pow!: A cool mid-blue shade with fine glitter and a chunkier irridescent reflect. I have a shadeless W7 eyeliner that's identical.

11. Shake It Up!: A royal purple glitter and base, a nice fine glitter, but a little sparse.

12. Spandex: A mid green, fine glitter, packed with it too, a lovely gold-y reflect.

The only cons I have to say about these, is that if you apply this on bare skin, you need a slightly stronger eye remover to remove the coloured bases. Cheap make up wipes just don't cut it. The shades that I have noticed this in are: Hustle, Le Freak, Night Fever, Pow! and Shake It Up!. This to me though, is a pretty small con, I usually wear them over something.

The other negative is the wand - it doesn't quite reach the bottom and isn't flexible enough to reach the sides. Wasted product is not good! I'll live though, these are so cheap!

These don't have to be worn alone. They look awesome paired over other liners - black or coloured.

Below I used:

1. Funk over Sleek's Gold liquid liner.
2. Pizzazz over Wet N' Wild's liquid liner in Turquoise.
3. Dancing Queen over Sleek's Pink liner.
4. Retro Chic over the brown Wet N' Wild liquid liner.

They are also great as a base for glitter! Glitter and sequins are big news in fashion over the party season. If a sequinned dress is a little over the top for you, why not a glittery eye? Black is great I find, as it looks very subtle compared to silver, as it doesn't catch the eye so much, less of a shine.

So, the total scores:

Packaging: 4/5 (Pesky wand!)
Quality: 4/5 (A couple of the less packed and more difficult to apply stop these liners from getting a top mark.)
Would I buy again?: A hell yes for most of them. In fact,I already have!

My cat Oscar trying to get some glittery action:

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