Sunday, 11 October 2009

Hello, hello, hello.

Hello everyone, welcome to my little corner of the internet. Like many make up fanatics, I have decided to venture into the world of blogging. There are alot of bloggers out there, but I am hoping I can fit in too!

This blog will mainly be beauty based, specifically cosmetics, but a bit of skincare too, hopefully. It'll also have a little bit of rambling about hair as I am a hairdresser by trade. It should, theoretically, contain product reviews, LOTDs, rants and raves, customer service reviews and my observations of the online make up community as awhole.

So, about me. I'm Chloe, a 22 year old cosmetics freak, born and bred in Wales, United Kingdom. For any potential international readers, this is next to England, not a part of it. I'm sure you all knew that, however there is always one. As I said, I work as a hairdresser, full time and for the most part, I love my job. However, I can't stand the salon politics. I used to be nice, then I started working in hair. It's as bitchy as they say, believe me.

I go into make up big time at the beginning of the year. I won't pretend I was crap at it before Youtube saved my life, or any such nonsense, but I was by no means particularly good. I had, unlike some girls I read about on forums, heard of Urban Decay and MAC, I even owned Urban Decay products. :)

I don't even know why I got into the whole community, I just remember slumming on Youtube and finding and xSparkage video and being hooked. Nowadays my subs box is filled with people like panacea81, petrilude, makeupgeek, MichellePhan, pixiwoo and jpmetz, to name but a few.

I like both cheaper and high end brands. My favourites include, but are not limited to, Urban Decay, MAC, Sleek, Estee Lauder, Collection 2000, Barry M, GOSH, Revlon, Too Faced and NYX. I prefer eyeshadows and blushes to lip products. I own an awful lot of lipsicks though, for someone who never wears them!

Outside of cosmetics, I enjoy hanging out with my friends, including my best friend and her two year old son, my family (I'm the eldest of six kids) and crafting. I love books, films and music. Because silence is so LOUD! I am also partial to a night on the tiles that includes dancing til I fall over and excessive amounts of alcohol.

So, that's me in a long winded nutshell.

I hope you like the blog!

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